Referring Physicians

Excellent patient care requires excellent collaboration.  We welcome the opportunity to assist you in caring for your patient.  It is our goal to schedule your patient as quickly as possible, and we always welcome direct phone calls to answer any questions that you may have.  We look forward to joining you in caring for your patient.

Please download and review our Physician Referral Form HERE.   

Alternative Referral Methods

Simply use our referral pad and fax the information to 504.264.9438.

Option 2: Call

Call our office to schedule an appointment at 504.264.9428.

Option 3: Text message

Text “Patient Referral” to 504.312.1038. We will call the device that sent the text to schedule the appointment. Please do not text any PHI (Protected Health Information). We will obtain this information over the phone.

Option 4: Patients can schedule

Some offices prefer the patient to schedule their own referral. Please offer the patient the following options.

  • + Business card – The patient can use our business card to contact us.
  • + Consult sheet – The patient can call us using the consult sheet.
  • + Office note – You can provide your clinic note to the patient to contact us.